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miadeee whispered:
I don't know how to send a picture but on my account I posted a picture of maddie, please can you find out where the top she is wearing is from?
hannahleebess whispered:
How do you add pictures?

if you mean submit, go to our blog and on the top bar the second to last button that says submit you should click

hannahleebess whispered:
For the dance "just be" i know they got the plain top from dancwear solution but did they add the details on it?


Anonymous whispered:
why did kalani leave dance moms?

she didnt sign abby’s contract

Anonymous whispered:
What is Maddie's phone number? Please answer or I will send hate posts on your blog

1224 612 3331

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Anonymous whispered:
I was wondering if you could find maddie's shorts and shirt


Anonymous whispered:
What do the girls even cry in rehearsal when they get yelled? Their dance teacher is just giving them corrections to help them be a better dancer and perform like an angel. It is just really weird and unhelpful to cry. Just like people say crying never helps.(NO HATE I AM A REALLY BIG FAN OF DANCE MOMS THOUGH!)

They cry because they can’t help it.

Constructive criticism is great but it has a lot to do with how it is delivered.

The way their dance teacher speaks to them (or rather barks at them) and insults that have nothing to do with their dancing, makes them feel humiliated, unappreciated and embarrassed- their bodies only physically react to these emotions.

And after crying you usually do feeI better. So while it might not help the situation, it helps the girls’ ability to face Abby’s behavior again.

I think we can all agree that we shouldn’t criticize the girls for crying but Abby for making them cry. 

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i will be on vacay starting tomorrow meaning i wont be posting. ill be back to posting in a week or so.

Can u find where maddie got this outfit?


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Maddie is wearing Forever 21 girl’s sunset tank top, and denim dolphin shorts. her headwrap is from etsy. 

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Anonymous whispered:
Do you know where Chloe got her bedding in her room tour video?

could you give us a link to the vid. thanks

Chloe wears Lululemon’s Inner Heart BraForever 21 Girls’ Beachy Striped Linen Blend Shorts, and Steve Madden’s Troopa Boot (black leather).

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Anonymous whispered:
Hi ! Can you find me Kendall's like outfit/costume from Freaks Like Me ?

pic pleaSe?

Anonymous whispered:
Can u try to find where I can get maddies outfit from hit streak mobile?

can u submit specific pics. thnx

Anonymous whispered:
Where do the girls get there makeup cases?


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