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Anonymous whispered:
I think Chloe's skater skirt that you just posted is from Stella Rae's, not Aeropostale.

I didn’t find it on their website, any link?

Anonymous whispered:
Chloe's orange skater skirt is acalible and Charlotte russe

I didn’t find the skirt, would you mind sending us a link? 

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Can you find Chloe’s skater skirt please? 

I believe it’s available at Aeropostale!

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their costumes are actually from modclothe

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Mackenzie wears Sally M’s "Pleated Shirt Dress" ($24.99 / Dakota Rose)

*Sally M is a Sally Miller brand exclusive to JCPenny 

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Anonymous whispered:
You guys are amazing! I submitted something and 5 minutes later you found it! I wish that people wouldn't goes mad because you don't put in links because other than that, this is one of the best fashion blogs I have seen.

Thanks! Keep submitting and tell others to!:)

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Kendall's Shirt →

I saw two very similar ones today at Ross today!

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Mackenzie wears Forever21 Kids’ "Darling Ripped Sweater Dress" ($18.99 / Royal)

H&M’s "Hairband with Crown" ($5.95 / gold)

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The girls wear “Retro Polka dot bikini” from $31.95

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Anonymous whispered:
(cont. Louis Vuitton) Mackenzie also has a Louis Vuttion Purse with flowers on it (you can see it in the picture where she is with Brooke K and wearing a white dress) and Maddie also has a little purse that you can see on Abby's instagram. (It is the picture before the vma's and she is wearing a striped black and white skirt.) The other girls might have more. I hope this helps!


Anonymous whispered:
To answer someone's question about the Louis Vuttions, I believe Maddie, Kendall, Nia, Chloe, and I think Kalani have the neverfull. Mackenzie has the neverfull in pink. Maddie and Mackenzie also have a bag that I can't remember the name of but you can see it on their instagram (I think it's called the speedy?)

Nia wears “Scenic Dip Dye Denim Shorts”
Regular Price$39.90
40% Off Sale! Today Only!$17.99
Now with code 737 $10.79

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Anonymous whispered:
I'd like to correct, Chloe has a green iPhone 5C, Paige & Brooke both have silver iphone 5's, Kendall has a yellow iPhone 5c, Mackenzie and Maddie both have pink iphone 5c's and Nia has a silver iphone 5 (I believe, not 100% sure about nia but everybody else has the correct iPhones above:))

Thank you for the information!

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joshyler whispered:
in Chloe's latest instagram post, where is her shirt from?

If you could send a picture that’d be great!!😄

Maddie’s sweatshirt is from h&m but sold out since it’s from a while ago

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