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Anonymous whispered:
Mackenzie is soooooooooooooo cute and adorable!

she really is!

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Anonymous whispered:
What did you guys end up deciding to do about the new members?

Well, we’re the only two active admins left (onemustlookwiththeheart & aldccloset). The others never replied to my messages but since they were admins I can’t kick them out, so we try our best :)

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Are brooke and paige back on the team yet! We miss them so much! It is not the same without them! I love dance moms

They’re not back on the team nor do we think that they will be. Rumor is that they started dancing at another studio a while ago. And while I’m sure you miss them, I think it’s good for Brooke and Paige to not find themselves in the abusive environment that they’ve been in, anymore (real or only for the show). 

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Anonymous whispered:
i do love your new background layout! its so much easier to read! no offense to older background layout but, this one is way more organized!

Thank you. We’re glad that you like it.

Generally if you have any constructive criticism, please tell us. Like a layout being complicated, tags not being clear, etc. we need that to improve our blog :) 

Anonymous whispered:
I am so glad to have you back!

Thank you so much. We’re glad to be back too. 

Do you like our new blog layout? 

Anonymous whispered:
purple shorts

which ones?

The costume for on the verge is available at dancewear soulutions. Top-“Lace Turtle Neck Crop Top” (pink/$29.95) Skirt- “High Waist Waterfall Cascade Ruffle Skirt” (pink/$29.95)

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Anonymous whispered:
Love the new setup!

Thank You :)


Nia jacket is available at “Girls Aconcagua Jacket” (Nia’s color is sold out) ($99.00/grey)

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Costume to Casual: Open Waters

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I’m going to bring back costume to casual! In the ask box leave suggestions I’m working on Open Waters now!

The mirrors are available at “Pro Lighted Mirror Studio Case” (black/$489.00

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Purple Pixies Sale on ZULILY up to 60% off →

A lot of the girls have been wearing Purple Pixies Dancewear on the show and Kendall, Maddie and Mackenzie have modeled for their company before. You can get a pieces of their collection for up to 60% off at Zulily right now. 

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Anonymous whispered:
Hello Where did nia get her shoes from? She was wearing it at the kids choice awards Thanks

We will post them when we know where she got them from :)

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